You might be wondering why I chose the title of my blog to be Just Du-Its

~ Well, I got the name from the way people tend to mispronounce my last name (sounding like Do its).
~I also love Nike products and their slogan Just Do It.

Combining these two things created Just Du-Its, something my family came up with quite a few years ago. So that is how it was created but there is more to the reason why I use the slogan so often. Not only do I think it is a cool use of my last name, I also think it reflects my personality/outlook on life. I like to attempt to live life to the fullest. How I see it…hang out with friends, spend lots of time with family, try to get to know new people and if you end up as friends then that is a bonus. Try everything at least once, chase after your dreams and make them reality. No matter if you are successful or not, just go for it and see what will happen. It is worth trying new things even if there is some risk because you might find out it is your favorite thing to do in life or something that you never want to try again. But remember, no matter if you are successful or not, it is a learning experience and doing something is better than sitting around, letting opportunities pass you by, and doing nothing at all. Take chances, make, mistakes, work hard, have fun, and go after your goals with determination and passion. Believe that anything you put your mind to is possible. Don’t settle for second best, don’t hold back, and don’t give up….JUST DU ITS!

                                           Ephesians 5:15-17 - a verse to live your life by.