My Logo

my logo inspirationIf you haven’t already viewed my page ‘Why Just Du-Its’, I would suggest reading that page before this one. It gives more background meaning on how the slogan Just Du-Its got started and what it means to me. I based my logo around the fact that I  would like to specialize in sports photography. This is just another reason why I chose to use Just Du-Its. I is very similar to Nike’s slogan of Just Do It which is related to a variety a sports. As for the volleyball player silhouette in the middle, there are three reasons why I chose to use that in my logo. The first reason is that I love volleyball! There are many sports that I love but volleyball is definitely one of my favorites. The second  obvious reason is that, like I said before, I would like to specialize in sports photography so using a sports silhouette just seemed fitting to me. My third and last reason is that the silhouette comes from a picture that I took of myself while camping on Lake Michigan in 2007. I had enjoyed photography before that time; but, after I took this picture was when I ultimately decided that I loved taking action shots and wanted to go into sports photography! This picture, which you can see at the top of this page, actually made it to the finals of a photography contest and was published in a book with other finalist. Now you know my process for creating my logo :)